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Puppets on the waters of Vietnam.

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Vietnam Water Puppets, the 13th temporary exhibition since its inauguration in 2009, was dedicated to Vietnam water puppets, a traditional form of puppetry unique to the Asian country.

This cultural manifestation, which in Vietnam encompasses much more than what we understand here as culture, since it is part of the daily life of the people, always narrates the same mythological stories, historical episodes or life in the countryside, among others.
The exhibition is made up of 36 puppets of medium and large size. Some of them are part of the permanent exhibition, this being the first time that the entire collection of puppets on the water can be seen together.

The puppets are arranged on islands that contain water. "It was impossible to reproduce a stage like the one used in shows due to its large dimensions and the enormous amount of water required, which could even cause problems due to the weight" "But we did not want to do without water because it is the natural element of these puppets and that is why we have placed them on small surfaces covered with water”.

Visitors will be able to admire extremely beautiful polychrome and enameled wood carvings with bright and vivid colors. Figures that speak of agriculture, fishing, leisure, fauna, history, politics, mythology. In short, of his life.
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