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La Tartana Teatro. 45 years in the Arte of Puppetry.
La Tartana Teatro has covered all segments of the theatrical profession, with a permanent look at puppets, big dolls and visual theater by extension. From street theatre, through large format avant-garde shows, and a more focused focus on puppets for young and family audiences in their last stages.

In 1977 he premiered his first show, Polichinela. The company was born with certain objectives: to create a new theatrical language, to achieve the dramatization of the image and to use the puppet as a moving sculptural element.

Throughout this history, the company has premiered more than 40 shows that have traveled halfway around the world in vans and visited major festivals. The result has been works that have already remained in the history of the theater, as well as in the memory of many.

At the head of the company is Juan Muñoz, founder puppeteer and director of La Tartana, a student of Francisco Peralta.

The exhibition takes a tour of the most emblematic puppets of the company in an interactive way. The search for the essence of puppets and how to capture it has led the company to create an authentic theatrical universe of light, sound and movement, in each automaton or scene shown.

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